HYDRAULICS deals not only with production of new hydraulic cylinders, but also with their repairs. And not only our own cylinders, but also products  of other manufacturers. We provide repairs of all types and dimensions of hydraulic cylinders, including inch dimensions. Usually, we are able to perform repairs up to 6000 mm stroke height and 300 mm piston diameter. In any case, it is advisable to consult the problem via phone, where we need to specify parameters and dimensions of the cylinder, type of the machine, its age and eventually manufacturer. 

We are able to do repairs from resealing a cylinder to manufacturing a "new" one with the use of functional parts from the original. To save your money we try to use as much parts form the original cylinder as possible, but sometimes they are too worn-out and we have to make new ones. Our company has chromed bars and precision tubes warehouse with an area of 1200 m2, we therefore have most of the dimensions in stock. In case of atypical dimensions we are able to provide replacement in relatively short time horizon.

The same situation is with sealant availability. We have tens of thousands items in stock. In case of unused or atypical seals we will offer an alternative and adaptation of the parts to the available sealant. We can also secure a "copy" of the original atypical seal - usually on the second day.

Great benefit is "thinking" while doing the repairs and the ability to design better solution that reduces possibility of further occurrence of the same fault.

Our service center has its own machine tools, we also have CNC machining centers available, and the most important,  team of experienced employees. Our incredibly skilled mechanics have great experience in hydraulic cylinders repairs, and their limits are hard to find.


Cylinder repair process:

(this procedure is for illustration only)

  1. Reception of the order from customer
  2. External cylinder diagnosis, preliminary fault detection
  3. Disassembly
  4. Inspection of parts
  5. Replacement of damaged parts
  6. Complete resealing
  7. Reassembly
  8. Pressure check
  9. Painting in our paint shop
  10. Expedition to the customer


Hydraulic motor repairs: opravy@hydraulics.cz

Daniel Brunik

service technician

Rostislav Bartoš

service technician