Company development

Fundamental change in the production program of HYDRAULICS s.r.o. became technology using precise skived and roller burnished tubes for hydraulic motor bodies and finished chromed bars for their piston rods. Political changes at the beginning of 1990s opened wide possibilities for Czechoslovak companies to buy these semi-finished products on the European market.

New possibility to replace monopoly supplier from Czech Republic by quality products from foreign manufacturers appeared also in the area of sealing elements.

These opportunities offered us considerable expansion in our assortment of products and raised their quality. Existing repairs and beginnings of new production came mostly from large state-run companies, especially Slovakian ZŤS concern.

The division of federation in 1993 was unexpectedly quick separation of the main Slovak manufacturers from Czech market. At the same time, new requestes for efficient, reliable and safe machines were created, which would made it possible to handle the work connected with the realization of modern buildings, handling and communal technologies. There was also increased demand for replacement of existing foreign hydraulic cylinders.

Big step forward for our company became edition of our own product catalog and foundation of construction department. These changes together with gradual replacement of classic machine tools by CNC systems with qualified personnel have put production on a higher level in terms of quality.

Location of Sehradice at the east border of Czech Republic was not advantageous. Continuous profitable cooperation with Slovakia and Czech customers was maintained by several service exchange centers for hydraulic cylinders on the territory of the former Czechoslovakia.

Production capacity, as well as metallurgical material warehouse was significantly extended by construction of a new hall 1, 2 in Slopné in 2005. Storage capabilities of precise tubes and chromed rods were expanded by 400 m2, creating better conditions for expansion of business activities with these materials. Production gained almost 700 m2 of new space.

Turnovers and number of new products increased dynamically until 2008. With nearly 20 000 hydraulic cylinders produced, we have become one of the largest manufacturers in this area in 2008. We responded to the global economic downturn and lower number of orders in 2009, among other things, by expanding the construction department and marketing. We have tried to meet the requirements for special custom production in a high quality and fast manner. At the same time, company management decided to reduce the leased areas by expanding own production areas in Slopné.

With the production downturn in 2009 behind us, we are again on the pace. Extension of production hall 4 in Slopné is finished in 2011, expanding production area by another 280 m2. This year company also celebrated 20 years of activity at the market.

In 2012, the company starts to operate in wider field of hydraulics - engineering and hydraulic systems implementation.

We finished construction of new production hall 5 in Slopné in second half of 2013. This action was co-financed from operational program "Enterprise and Innovation" under subsidies of Ministry of Industry and Trade and EU structural funds. We have gained access to object with 850 m2 of production area and 800 m2 of technical and social facilities.

2014 was dedicated to promote and improve the quality system across the company. Evidence of success in this area of company life is its certification according to ČSN ENISO 9001:1997 by certification company TÜV SÜD Czech.

Another milestone for the company were years 2015 and 2016. We finished project and realization of a new production, warehouse and administrative areas 8,9,10 in Slopné. We have completed the plan to concentrate and relocate all activities to one place with investment of 70 mil. CZK. We have also managed to buy and reconstruct object 7, where hydraulic hoses are made since 2016.

HYDRAULICS s.r.o. Sehradice changed place of its residency after moving on 1.1. 2017 to HYDRAULICS s.r.o., Slopné 201. In its property is area nearly 3 ha large, of which buildigs occupy 6900 m2, 8900 m2 are paved roads and sidewalks, and the rest, approximately 12700 m2 are grassy areas.

HYDRAULICS s.r.o., Slopné is one of the solid companies not only in its field. We always strive to offer shortest delivery times and good prices to our customers. After more than 25 years in business, our main motive became emphasis on quality and operational order handling.

However, demanding requirements of our customers often cannot be fulfilled to a hundred percent. Increasing difficulty of the technical design of hydraulic motors, their dimensions and requirements and very short terms for execution of the orders is challenge for our future.

HYDRAULICS s.r.o. with annual turnover nearly 200 mil. CZK currently has 125 employees. We fulfill our commitments to suppliers and government institutions in due time. In the social area, the company strives to continuously improve the working conditions of its employees, whether in the field of work hygiene or health safety and protection. We are regular sponsors of sports and cultural events, social projects, healthcare and education.

The company management and its employees are looking forward to seeing you in the new premises of HYDRAULICS Slopné.


We do everything for your maximum satisfaction!


In Slopné,   1. 1. 2017