Hydraulic systems development, especially for construction, agricultural and other mobile mechanisms, caused a need for servicing and repairs of linear hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s. We can find the beginning of our company, HYDRAULICS s.r.o., in a small, so-called affiliated production in Sehradice, a small town near Luhačovice, in 1983.

    18 employees, sales approximately 18mil. CZK/year, simple machinery equipment, one TNS desktop computer, but primarily private business enthusiasm of the early nineties full of political and economic changes were the basic equipment at the birth of the company.

    Production program was gradually changing, from common repairs, to brand new hydraulic cylinders manufacturing. The contract for the foundation of the company was initiated in 1991 by Ing. Jaromír Pilík, Libor Kráčalík and Ing. Daneš Janík.


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