We strive to be amongst the best at hydraulic cylinder manufacturing thanks to constant development and improvement of our products. We have designed and manufactured large number of variants, designs, and sizes of linear hydraulic motors during the period of our existence. If none of the hydraulic motors in our catalog suits you, we are ready and able to manufacture custom design to your liking.

We are not afraid of the production of even the largest and most complex hydraulic cylinders. Apart from our experience, we also use  state of the art technology (such as linear position sensing, end position sensing, force sensing) during their designing.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales or construction department through phone or contact form below.

Examples of some of our design solutions:

PČH 200/140x800

Work conditions

  • lifting the sliding path in the metallurgical production of crude iron
  • all rotating mechanisms stored in SKF spherical roller bearings
  • heavy duty design for steelworks - high strength and surface-hardened piston rod
  • possibility of adjusting the end position sensors in the external bar

PČH 63/32x25

Work conditions

  • control of the slide valve closure
  • control by an electromagnetic switchgear


Work conditions

  • isostatic chamber for serial production of ceramic moldings
  • max. working pressure 400 bar + pressure multiplier up to 2000 bar
  • need for very precise production for the use of sealants up to 4000 bar
  • 4 cycles per minute, continuos operation

Hydraulic swingarm 163° 32 000 Nm

Work conditions

  • max. operating pressure up to 16 MPa
  • swing angle 163°±2°
  • drilling 160 mm, maximum torque 32 000 Nm
  • hard work conditions in sheet metal rolling factory with hydraulic swing angle regulation

PČH-TRIO 65/36-50/25-972

Work conditions

  • max. operating pressure 20 MPa
  • telescopic shifting of drill table
  • mining industry

PČH 40/22x58

Work conditions

  • heavy industry
  • compact PČH design with built-in hydraulic lock and regulated damping

PČH 140/63x160

Work conditions

  • max. operating pressure up to 0,5 MPa
  • low-friction design of the piston rod movement
  • max. operating speed up to 0,5 m/s, controlled oil switch between chambers with controlled end position damping
  • waterwork - return damper


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