HM1.2 is double-acting hydraulic cylinder used in the past century for vast majority of agricultural and construction machinery. Widely spread use of this type of cylinder is the reason why we have many models in stock. It is primarily designed for undemanding functions and is advantageous in terms of pricing and short construction time. This cylinder is suitable for normal load, not for demanding work conditions.

We only have "eye-eye" models in stock. You can find informative table of dimensions we have in stock below. However, it is advisable to always contact us about availability.

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Technical parameters

Rated pressure– 16 MPa
Maximum pressure– 20 MPa
Test pressure– 24 MPa
Work liquid– hydraulic mineral oil (OH-HM 32, OH-HM 46, OH-HM 64)
Required filtration– min. 40 μm, we recommend 25 μm
Temperature scope– liquid -20°C ÷ +80°C
– ambient -20°C ÷ +70°C
Climatic stability– temperate climate WT
Work speed– maximum 0,3 m/s
Piston rod resistance value
in the salt chamber pursuant to ISO 4540
– 120 hours

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